Ballet:  The basis of all dance forms, ballet is a formal, classical dance style that emphasizes proper body placement and technique.  Students will start the class with work at the barre, do progressions across the floor, and finish with work in the center.  Ballet shoes required.

Tap: Students will tap out rhythms with their toes, heels, and the balls of their feet using taps on the shoes.  Tap can be performed with or without music.  Tap basics include the shuffle, flap, and heel, which are then combined to create unique sounds in steps such as the maxie ford, buffalo, and Cincinnati.  Fun for all ages, including adults!  Tap shoes required.

Jazz: Jazz is a style of dance which uses upbeat and current music.  Movements accent the rhythms of the music and include classical, funky, or Broadway styles. This style is used in Musical Theater classes as well.  Ballet or jazz shoes required.

Lyrical: Ballet and Jazz styles are combined to create a beautiful, flowing expression of the music.  Lyrical expresses the emotion of the music used. This class is offered for more advanced students with good technique in ballet or jazz.  Ballet or jazz shoes required.

Contemporary:   This style is similar to lyrical, however contemporary uses more modern dance technique instead of the classical ballet to create a more powerful expression of the music.  This class is offered for more advanced students with good technique in ballet or jazz.  Ballet or jazz shoes required.

Hip Hop:  This funky, street style of dance is the latest craze.  It is similar to jazz because it is performed to upbeat music and movements accentuate the beats of the music, however hiphop is a more urban style which uses some improvisation as well.  Jazz shoes required.

Musical Theater:  This class provides a basic knowledge of the terminology and skills required for this art form by incorporating the three aspects of musical theater (dance, voice, and acting) into one class. We will practice vocal techniques that will protect and strengthen the voice for speech and singing, There will be opportunity for both scene work and solo work, and dance choreography will be incorporated into a Cabaret that will be the culmination of the skills and material studied.

Pointe:  For advanced ballet students only.  This class requires more technical training and strength and requires instructor approval. Pointe shoes required.

Mommy and Me:  For ages 1.5 to 3 years, this is an adult participation class for our youngest students who may not be ready to go into a class on their own yet.  We will do fun games and dances using props while focusing on motor development and coordination.

Intro to Dance:  This is a 60 minute class for kindergarten and pre-k students who want to try a variety of styles. Ballet, tap, and tumbling will be taught in each class, and students will learn a tap and ballet dance.  Tap and ballet shoes required.

Irish Step Dance-Beginner:  In this introductory class, students will learn the basics of Irish Step Dance; a dance form that has become very popular thanks to shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. Techniques such as turnout, posture, timing and foot placement will be emphasized while dancers learn soft shoe dances, the jig and the reel.

Irish Step Dance-Intermediate:  This class is for dancers who have learned the basics of Irish Step Dance and are ready to progress into more advanced dances, such as the slip jig (soft shoe), as well as begin learning the basics of hard shoe.

Prenatal Yoga:  Prenatal yoga has many benefits for both expecting mothers and their babies. It has been proven to be effective in aiding to promote the optimal development of your baby, easier labor and delivery and provides you with the tools for maintaining a balanced positive outlook as you make your journey into and through motherhood.

Offering for ages 16 and up

Pilates Barre and Mat:  Let’s strengthen our cores together! This class will incorporate Pilates exercises at the barre as well as on the mat. Geared towards building core strength, this class can help you to alleviate back pain and prevent a variety of injuries from happening in the future. Just a little maintenance can go a long way! Bring your mat and join us in becoming more fierce every week.

Offering for ages 16 and up

New Classes Coming Soon!

An acting class for middle school and high school students will soon be added to the schedule. Also, private voice lessons will be scheduled on Saturdays. Please check back for more updates!